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Timing your eating in weight training

I've read a fair bit of material on weight training and health and I'm hoping to shed some light on a confusing issue.

A lot of authors say that you should exercise in the morning to kick start your metabolism throughout the day. So far that makes sense.

However, when it comes to when to eat your first meal is where it gets confusing.


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Best way for tall guys to bodybuild

I am 6'5 (2 meters) and I weigh around 165 pounds (75kg). My bones are very slim too (hence such weight at even with my height).

Which program is the best to follow to quickly gain muscles? I am not a regular gym goer but when I have went I gained a bit by doing circuit training (improved my cardio a lot).

Now I just want a quickest way to gain muscle? I heard Kyle Leon is a good resource to learn from.

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Inspiration every Sunday..

So let me give you some inspiration. As you can gather I am a big fan of cycling. I ride my bike every Sunday until I am completely exhausted and the ride back home (1-2 km) actually becomes a real burden. So, from this point of view, I push myself to the edge, emulating one hero of mine.

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Does exercising really help us lose weight?

I'm probably writing this for my own benefit to keep myself on track. And so it probably serves me, more than anyone else reading this ;)

I believe something as important as your health deserves attention and needs be worked on daily. And this is a long term solution. Exercise is recommended for health benefits. Exercising only to lose weight quickly, without solving the core issue, won't keep the weight off for long. As for external programs, I am using Kyle's stuff again.

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